Spray dry for Juice and Herb

Laboratory spray freezing dryer

YC-3000 laboratory spray freeze dryer is a new technology combining the advantages between spray dryer and vacuum freeze dryer techniques.

Application scope: YC-3000 laboratory Spray freezing dryer can be used for

>low-temperature dehydration of heat-sensitive,

> viscous,

> active

> high sugar materials, such as Herbal medicine and nature product extract,

> dairy product,

> biological agent,

> enzyme,

> fruit original juice,

> polymer materials.


1. With combination of spray dryer and vacuum freeze dryer, YC-3000 laboratory Spray freeze dryer have the more rapid drying speed than traditional vacuum freeze dryer.The dried powder basically retain their original biological and chemical properties for easy and long-term preservation and when dissolved in water again, materials return to the state of prefreeze-drying.

2. YC-3000 laboratory spray freeze dryer adopts a cooling system of air-cooled condensing closed compressor with rapid cooling performance, low freezing temperature and strong moisture absorption ability. Temperature and vacuum degree are displayed in a digital, accurate, and direct mode.

3. In dehydration, the present equipment heats and sublimates natural air to maintain the security of samples.

4. Vacuum pump built-in. 5. The convenient and reliable vacuum connection adopts international standard clamp.

6. Stable performance, easy operation and low noise.

7. Compared with traditional freeze dryer: rapid freeze-drying of wall sticking and organism containing liquid materials (juice, traditional Chinese medicine extract, etc). The powder size is adjustable within a certain range.

Technical parameters

1) Color LCD touch screen parameters can display drying chamber temperature/pump speed/fan frequency/de-blocker frequency/drying chamber pressure.

2) Capacity: 1000ml/batch

3) Spray freezing temperature: <-15℃

4) Cold trap temperature: ≤-60℃

5) Vacuum pump power: 2KW

6) Ultimate vacuum pressure:

7) Spray pressure: 2-5BAR (adjustable)

8) Air compressor gas production rate: 4.2M3/h

9) Cold air volume: 5.5M3/min