IN-FLOWCTA – Industrial style Direct Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for gases

IN-FLOWCTA – Industrial style Direct Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for gases


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IN-FLOWCTA Series Mass Flow Meters/Controllers are modular instruments of rugged design according IP65 (dust- and waterproof). They can be combined with integrated or close-coupled control valves to form compact digital Mass Flow Controllers, whereby flow ranges are measured and controlled from

lowest range 10 … 200 mln/min up to highest range  50 … 5000 ln/min

Through-flow measurement

Mass Flow Meters of the IN-FLOWCTA series work on the basis of direct through-flow measurement (no by-pass), following the constant temperature anemometer principle. The instruments contain no moving parts and have no obstructions to the flow path, which makes them ideal for low pressure drop applications and virtually insensitive to moisture or particulates.

Flow control

The control valve can be furnished as an integral part of a mass flow controllers or as a separate component. It is a proportional, electro magnetic control valve with fast and smooth flow control characteristics. With reference to the specific fields of application there are different series of unique Bronkhorst High-Tech control valves, for high or low flow, for high or low pressure difference. The standard valves are normally closed and are available up to Kv-values of 6.0. Normally opened valves can also be supplied.

Digital = Standard

The instruments have analog I/O-signals and also an RS232 connection as a standard feature. In addition to this there is the possibility of integrating an interface board with DeviceNet™, Profibus-DP®,Modbus or FLOW-BUS protocol. The basic pc-board features integrated PID Control and various alarm and diagnostic functions. More information about digital “multibus” communication.