L / OC Series

L / OC Series

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Standard Specification Table

Research and development: L-8i~12
small scale for the production: OC-16~20
regard ※ production equipment, please contact us.
※ water evaporation capacity, hot air temperature 250 ℃, the value of the case, which was operated at exhaust air temperature 80 ℃ (L-8i type machine only 100 ℃)

L / OC Series Features

1. High versatility that can accommodate a variety of stock. 
2. By a variety of disk nozzle, possible particle size distribution of the product particles, the bulk specific gravity adjustment. 
3. Our unique body structure, can easily be removed even deposits of drying chamber. 
4. Coarse dust filter + high-temperature HEPA filter, preventing the contamination of the product in a two-stage filter. 
5. Fan control at the inverter. Achieve a high energy-saving performance. 

Use :
Food / Ceramics / Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals / Other

Business :
Electronics-related industry / feed industry / food industry / chemical industry / pharmaceutical industry / Automotive / ceramics, fine ceramic / steel and machinery industry / petroleum resin / luxury goods / Other

specification :
Heating source (electric heater) 
atomization method (rotating disk) 
atomization method (nozzle) 
product recovery system (body, two points cyclone collection) 
product recovery system (1 point cyclone collection)

Remarks :
Moisture evaporation amount: 3 ~ 42kg / h