Solvent Purification

Solvent Purification Systems

Vigor’s solvent purification systems are safe high-efficiency and convenient for customers to remove water and oxygen from flammable and noxious solvents.


- Common solvents:toluene, acetonitrile, hexane, ether, THF, DMF, methylene chloroform

- Number of solvents:3,5,7 (Customized in terms of the requirements of the user)

- Purification capacity per solvent is ~1200L(dependent on initial water content)

- Flow rate, up to 800 ml/min

- H2O<1PPM,O2<1PPM

Material 304 stainless steel
Common Solvent toluene, acetonitrile ,hexane, ether, THF, DMF, methylene chloroform etc.
Number of Solvent 3,5,7 (Customized in terms of the requirments of the user)
Purification Capacity Per Unit <1200L(Depedent on initial water content)
Flow Rate up to 800  ml/min
Technical Parameter H2O<1PPM,O2<1PPM
Fluid Reservoir 17L
Internal Material Included dehydration and deoxygenization materials
Particle Filter Equipped with particle filter
Gas Supply System Included gas purifier
Working Gas 99.99% N2-Ar
Gas Connection One gas supply port for different solvents
Vaccum System One dry pump
Explosion-proof Cabinet Fire-proof cabinet for solvent purification system