Parts and Accessories
          Parts           Manufactures
           Solenoid Valves            Burkert (Germany)
           Vacuum Gauge            TECSIS (Germany)
           PLC            Siemens (Germany)
           Touch Screen            Pro-face (Japan)
           Recirculation Blower            Fuji (Japan)
           Oxygen Analyzer            GE (USA)
           Moisture Analyzer            Michell (UK)
           Vacuum Pump            Edwards (UK)
           Gloves            North Safety (USA)

Gloves: Butyl rubber gloves, manufactured by North Safety Company (USA); 15 and 30 mil; Low gas permeability

Vacuum Pump: Manufactured by Edwards (UK). RV12, ultimate vacuum: 2×10-3 mbar

Moisture Analyzer: Monitors H2O content inside the glovebox. Manufactured by Michell Instruments (UK); Measurement range: -100 to 20℃; Accuracy: 2℃

Low Temperature Refrigerator: Integrated low temperature freezer, installed on the side of the glovebox. Operating temperature is down to -35℃

Oxygen Analyzer: Monitors O2 content inside the glovebox; Manufactured by GE (USA); Measurement range: 0-1000 PPM; Accuracy: 0.2 PPM or 1%

Solvent Adsorber: Installed in the circulation path and adsorbs organic solvent released from processes performed inside the glovebox

Antechamber: Used for transferring materials into or out of glovebox

Glove Port: Material, aluminum alloy; Use no-leak seals for interfaces with view window and gloves.

Data Feedthrough: Detachable multi-pin connector; Used for data signal feedthrough

Vacuum, Gas and Liquid Feedthroughs: Used for evacuation, gas or liquid feedthrough; Customized feedthroughs are also available.