Advantages of exchanging Bubbler Systems with a CEM

Advantages of exchanging Bubbler Systems
with a CEM
In many cases small concentrations of vapours are made by bubbling
a carrier gas through the fluid. This method requires optimium
pressure and temperature control of the bubbler system, which is
expensive. Moreover, the response time is very slow, the absolute
accuracy is low and the bubbler system has a poor long term stability.
Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. propose a much more direct approach,
viz., control the required quantity of liquid to reach the desired
concentration, under room temperature, with a LIQUI-FLOWTM, µ-FLOW
or mini CORI-FLOWTM Mass Flow Meter; this instrument forms part of
a CEM-system in which the defined quantity of liquid is mixed with
the carrier gas and vapourized. The method is straightforward, and
virtually any concentration can be made in a matter of seconds with
high accuracy and repeatability.