Blood Plasma Freezer FROSTER-BL-180

Blood Plasma Freezer


according to DIN 58375

Storage temperature of this freezer is -41°C. The combination of stainless steel drawers with panels together with a specially controlled re-circulating air cooling and the most powerful refrigerating technology guarantees a constant storage temperature of -41°C.


3·stainless steel drawers

Comfort controller

– Micro-processor controlled temperature and thawing

regulation to maximize temperature stability

– Battery for power failure alarm

Heated door frame

Re-circulation air-cooling

Optimized ventilation plates to minimize interior temperature differences

Rapid defrosting

Melt water evaporation

Easy accessible control panel with key switch

Easy-to-read LED temperature display

Optical and acoustical warning including power failure alarm

Minimum/maximum temperature memory

RS485 interface for computer based temperature documentation

Potential free contact for alarm transmission.

Technical Specifications

Capacity : 170 l

Temperature setting (approx.) : -41°C

Voltage : 220 – 240 V

Frequency : 50 Hz

Power consumption : 460 Watt

Normal consumption : 5,9 KW / 24 h

Overall dimensions incl. distance from wall : 70 x 77 x 122 (w x d x h in cm)

Interior dimensions : 55 x 52 x 60 (w x d x h in cm)

Usable dimensions : 53 x 37 x 47 (w x d x h in cm)

Overall dimensions with door open at 90° : 70 x 136 (w x d in cm)

Drawer inner dimensions : 52 x 32 x 10 (w x d x h in cm)

Max. l oading capacity per drawer : 50 kg

Weight : 115 kg / 125 kg (net / gross)