Compact Local Readout/Control Module

Product Dowloads : bright_compact_local_rcmodule

Bronkhorst offers R/C-modules for digital Mass Flow Meters/Controllers, to fulfil the demand for local indication of the actual flowrate and/or totalised fluid consumption. The BRIGHT Series features a modern colour TFT display for indication of measured/totalised value, easy push-button operation, i.e. change of setpoint, counter reset, fluid selection, etc. Mounting directly on the meter/controller or on an adjacent wall/panel or on the instrument’s pipework.


  • Bright, wide angle, 1.8″ display (TFT technology)
  • User friendly operation, menu driven with 4 push buttons
  • Indication/operation/configuration of
    – measured value (direct or %)
    – setpoint
    – totalised flow
    – fluid / tag number
    – control characteristics
    – fieldbus settings
  • Programmable alarm functions (min/max, response, counter)
  • Fluid selection (up to 8 fluids/curves stored in MFM/MFC)
  • Mounting on instrument or, using optional mounting kit,
    on wall / panel / pipework
  • BRIGHT B4 suitable for industrial environment (IP65 construction),
    communicating over RS-232