Mini Pilot to Plant Spray dry CL / COC Series

Mini Pilot to plant spray dry

CL / COC Series

Standard Specification Table

※ ethanol evaporation capacity, hot air temperature of 140 ℃, is the value of the case, which was operated at exhaust air temperature 70 ℃. 
※ model model, made to order upon request specification.

Functions list

Feature :
1. It can be drying and granulation of poorly water-soluble substance. 
2. By preventing oxidation, it is the retention of quality. 
3. Possible solvent recovery from a stock solution. 
4. Safely dry flammable stock. 
5. Even sensitive materials heat, can dried.

Use :
Food / Ceramics / Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals / organic solvent / Other

Electronics-related industry / feed industry / food industry / chemical industry / pharmaceutical industry / Automotive / ceramics, fine ceramic / steel and machinery industry / petroleum resin / luxury goods / Other

specification :
Heating source (electric heater) 
(indirect heating due to the heat transfer oil) heating source 
atomization method (rotating disk) 
atomization method (nozzle) 
product recovery system (body, two points cyclone collection) 
product recovery system (1 point cyclone collection )

Remarks :
Ethanol evaporation amount: 4 ~ 28kg / h