Digital General Purpose Water Baths

“Excellent temperature control, range, and uniformity”

Easy-to-use Digital Temperature Controller features three temperature pre-sets for one-touch selection of frequently used set-points plus a user-settable high limit alarm that alerts you if the bath temperature exceeds pre-set limits.

Key Specifications

Temperature Range: Ambient +5° to 100°C
Temperature Uniformity: ±0.2°C
Temperature Stability: ±0.25°C


  • Hinged gable cover
  • Digital Temperature Controller with 3 pre-sets for frequently used temperatures
  • Calibration capability
  • Local lockout helps prevent unauthorized set-point changes
  • Reservoir sizes from 2 to 28 liters
  • Primary and automatic safety thermostats
  • Shaking bath option (20L and 28L baths)

Performance Specifications & Part Numbers