F Series

F Series

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Standard Specification Table

Research and development: FL-12
small and medium for the production: FOC-16~25
regard ※ production equipment, please contact us.
※ water evaporation capacity, hot air temperature 250 ℃, is the value of the case, which was operated at exhaust air temperature 100 ℃.

Features of the F-Series

Feature :
1. Ceramics, new materials drying room tailored to the production of the 
order to obtain a ■ large particles, widely design than conventional cone angle of the drying chamber. 
2. Compact body 
as compared to the ■ Company L / OC Series, about 80% by ground contact area, about 50% compact installation height. 
3. High recovery rate 
■ The adoption of low cap method of our patents, improved granulation product body under the recovery rate of. 
4. Standard equipped with a bag filter 
unit structure that integrates up to ■ bag filter.

Use :
Ceramics / Other

Business :
Electronics-related industry / feed industry / Automotive / ceramics, fine ceramic / steel and machinery industry / Other

specification :
Heating source (electric heater) 
heat source (gas direct furnace) 
atomization method (rotating disk) 
product recovery system (body, two points cyclone collection)

Remarks :
Moisture evaporation amount: 5 ~ 30kg / h