FGA Series

FGA Series

Standard Specification Table

Functions list

Feature :
1. Products can be control of the particles (50μ ~ 400μ). 
2. Respond to changes in the liquid raw material type and physical properties. 
3. Without any trouble at the time of operation start-up, it can be fully automated. 
4. Liquidity, high-quality product with excellent solubility can be obtained. 
5. Conventional spray dryer and the equivalent of the product can also be manufactured.

Use :
Food / Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals / Other

Business :
Feed industry / food industry / chemical industry / luxury goods / Other

specification :
Heating source (electric heater) 
heat source (gas direct furnace) 
atomization method (nozzle) 
granulating apparatus (fluidized bed)

Remarks :
Granulator: fluidized bed 
moisture evaporation amount: 5kg / h ~ 50kg / h