LIQUI-FLOW™ Pump Control

LIQUI-FLOW™ Pump Control

Precise liquid dosage using a flow meter controlled pump

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The LIQUI-FLOW™ Pump Controller provides in one simple combination a close coupled Liquid Mass Flow Meter (series L10/L20) and a pump, which accepts analog or digital signals defining the required mass flow rate. Using a pulsation free rotary positive displacement pump, the unit avoids the normal problem of pulsating flow patterns produced by most low-flow pumps and eliminates the need to use tanks pressurized with inert gas or similar techniques.

Suitable for all low viscosity fluids, the LIQUI-FLOW™ unit provides the necessary control function, using the standard control logic of Bronkhorst Liquid Mass Flow Controllers.

Standard LIQUI-FLOW™ pumps can be offered in ranges of 50…500 g/h, 100…1000 g/h and 400…4000 g/h; other ranges are available on request.

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For more information see leaflet “Liquid Dosing Systems using flow meter controlled pumps”