Low temperature spray dryer YC-1800

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Why you need YC-1800 low temperature spray dryer?

YC-1800 mini spray dryer is a kind of drying machine developed by our company based on years of experience in spray drying technology. It applies to TCM products (juice products) with low melting point and high sugar content. With YC-1800 spray dryer, the material will not stick to inner wall, coke or absorb moisture. When common spray dryer is used for spray drying of extract of natural product from TCM (Chinese herbal medicine) and juice in laboratory, the material melts immediately after spray drying starts, and sticks to the bottle wall in drying chamber of spray dryer like sticky candy, because the material itself has a high content of sugar which can easily melt at high temperature. Consequently, it is impossible for researchers to obtain the powder with good fluidity. Sometimes, they have to add a large number of auxiliary materials (e.g. starch and cyclodextrine) to obtain powder, but the effect also is not very ideal. YC-1800 spray dryer determines the technological conditions of spray drying based on characteristics and nature of materials. It is featured by high degree of automation and easy operation, and meets the requirements of GMP. The successful development of the dryer solves the technological difficulty that spray drying cannot be applied to many TCM products (juice products) with low melting point and high sugar content. Moreover, it is also a new progress of spray drying in the research on application technology of Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Perfect combination of low temperature and high temperature

With maximum inlet air temperature reaching 200°C, it can meet high temperature drying requirements of ceramics and other materials; with minimum inlet air temperature being 105°C, it is especially suitable for spray drying of traditional Chinese medicine, extracts of natural substances and other materials with sugar content. No material will adhere to the wall during drying and materials are featured with excellent fluidity after drying