Mass flow meter

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EL-FLOW® Prestige, the latest generation thermal mass flow meters and controllers for gases, represents a truly ground-breaking shift in versatility and user-friendliness. Its principal customer benefits are based upon

>> Further advances in flow-signal processing
>> Highly stable flow control regime virtually impervious to process fluctuations
>> Advanced control valve design
>> An on-board gas conversion model
>> Significantly reduced power consumption
>> A user configurable device with a multitude of additional features and benefits

Lowest range 0,014…0,7 mln/min
up to highest range 0,4…20 ln/min


>> High accuracy (standard 0,5% Rd plus 0,1% FS)
>> Rangeability in digital mode up to 1:150
>> Extremely fast and dynamic response
>> Multi-Gas / Multi-Range functionality (25 selectable gases; scalable between 40%-120% or ordered capacity (FS value)
>> Pressure ratings 64 / 100 bar
>> Analog I/O-signals, RS232-connection; optional on-board fieldbus interface
>> Great variety of customized I/O options
>> User configurable control characteristics
>> Robust metal housing