MASS-VIEW® High-Tech replacement for VA meters

MASS-VIEW® High-Tech replacement for VA meters

Mass Flow Meters / Regulators with local display

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The new MASS-VIEW® flow meter series are a digital alternative to the conventional VA meters (variable area meters) or rotameters. The MASS-VIEW® flow meter series incorporates a digital bar graph of actual gas flow, which is, thanks to the OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology, clearly visible from all angles, as well as indicating flow units, gas type and totalised figures. Also available with an optional in-built needle valve for flow control duties, it is designed to mimic the straightforward features and vertical format of the VA meter, but with the considerable added benefits of an electronic output signal, high measuring accuracy, virtual independence from gas temperature and pressure variations, freedom from parallax error and inherently safe construction, by eliminating fragile glass components in the flow path.

The MASS-VIEW® series operates on the principle of direct thermal mass flow measurement, for gas flow ranges from:

lowest range 0-0,2 ln/min up to highest range 0-200 ln/min*

* ln/min equals SLM at 0°C and 1 atm(STP)

It offers a standard accuracy rating of ± 2%RD if the flow is higher than 50% of it’s maximum full scale and ±(1%RD + 0.5%FS) on lower flows, handling pressures up to 10 barg (150 psi). Power consumption is low and mechanical process connections are fitted for straightforward VA meter replacement. The MASS-VIEW® incorporates the latest OLED technology, which gives a brighter readout than LCDs, can be viewed from virtually any angle and has fast signal response times. Alarm settings and the selection of a pre-installed gas or pre-set range are accessed via a user-friendly menu, using a 4-way navigation button mounted on the front plate. An analog output signal enables data logging against various parameters and full accountability of gas flow, such as for shared ring main applications.