Reed Switch Flowmeters MODELS RK1970/RK1975/RK1976 SERIES

“The reed-switch rotameter products”

Quick Review

• Low-price
The KOFLOC Reed-Switch Variable Area Flow RK1970, RK1975 & RK1976 SERIES are compact, simple and low in price. They can easily be accommodated on many equipment panels. The reed-switch provides a simple way to send off alarm signal at preset measurement value.

KOFLOC Dependability
KOFLOC has 60 years of experience in manufacturing precision flow instruments. KOFLOC products, both standard and off-catalog custom items are well received throughout Japan as the name that manifests confidence. KOFLOC, the fluid expert, is the name professionals trust in precision control of minute flow.

• Tri-Flat & Rib-Guide Flow-Tubes
KOFLOC leads the industry in tri-flat flow-tube (for flows between 5 ml/min to 500 ml/min) production with superior precision. The rib-guide flow-tubes are used for medium range flows between 1 l/min and 50 l/min.