4 to 25L Dewar for liq N2

Dewar for liq N2



● to achieve a high lid and the neck tube has excellent durability of the degree of sealing, is minimal to suppress economic evaporation of the liquid nitrogen. 
● 4LD come with a handle for carrying, it is a narrow-mouthed type that can be easily taken in and out. 
● If you use the dispenser, quantitative (8 L You can easily dispense liquid nitrogen / min) (25LD only). 
● dispensing is possible to away without a tank by Dip extension pipe (25LD only). 
● casters 25LD will be able to move the heavy container smoothly. 

● Material: body / aluminum (outer tube) glass (inner cylinder) · PC (polycarbonate) (lid), 10LD · 25LD for the core cover set / PS (polystyrene) · PC (polycarbonate), 7342-1125 / PC ( polycarbonate), brass