Short Path Distillation Pilot Plant by UIC

Short Path Distillation Mini Pilot Plant KD 6 (by UIC)

Short Path Distillation Plants are designed for the gentle separation of heat sensitive liquids. In order to provide a small production / pilot plant system for multipurpose applications, the KD 6 has been developed. Heart of the KD 6
system is a Short Path Distillator made of stainless steel with an evaporator surface of 6 dm2. Optionally a degasser stage EA 100 can be added in order to improve throughput and vacuum. The plant is designed for manually operation
in a harzadous area. The control cabinet has to be placed outside the harzadous area. All electrical motors and others electrical equipment are designed for operation in Ex-Zone 2, T3 outside, non-Ex-Zone inside.
Required power supply 380V, 50 Hz, 3L, N, PE

Individual or modular system?

Depending on the requirements, the pilot plants and also the laboratory units can be set-up by selection of different modules. Shortest lead time and flexible adjustments thanks to module expansion are the main advantages of this modular system.

Of course, we also deliver tailor-made pilot plants on request – to optimally reflect your requirements.

Materials used:

  • stainless steel (1.4571, 1.4404, 1.4439, 1.4462)
  • Hastelloy, Tantalum
  • further materials on request

An overview of applications:

>Food additives
>Oils and fats
>Flavors and fragrances
>Fine chemicals
>Pharmaceutical products
>Separation of monomers and polymers
>Mineral oil products