Sterilize Box with Sterilize lamp resist plate

•We use Sterilize lamp resist plate to prevent degradation caused by the sterilize lamp
•One unit has function as a germ free box or dry box.
•Easy to install a microscope or equipment with a large opening
•DX type equips HEPA capsule filter (Dust collecting efficiency 99.97%, 0.3μm) and acrylic housing which can store silica-gel or active carbon, always keep dry and germ free air circulate inside
•The door with key, so you can safe the operation
•Accessories: Gloves 1 pair, Air circulation unit 1 set, Gas change spigot 2 pcs, Sterilize lamp / fluorescent lamp each 1 pc (body 1 pc), inner outlet 2 double-style, Pass box inner size 170Wx190Dx190H mm
•Fluorescent lamp 10W, Ultraviolet rays 10W, fan 50/60Hz, 5/4W
•HEPA capsule filter can be sterilized by ethylene oxide gas
•Weight approx. 18kg

Usage as a Dry box

•Normally, air that has been adequately dried using silica gel is circulated, but including the use of nitrogen gas (Please attach reducing valve for gas cylinder)
•Open the cock on the upper left-hand side of the main unit.
•Inject the gas to the cock on the upper right-hand side of the main unit using the diameters 6mm tube.
•This depends on the gas flow amount, gas will fill the inside in approximately three to five minutes, so close both gas stopper cocks on the tank.

Usage as a sterilized box

•It is enough to get it work by only using sterilize lamp, but it is possible to always circulate dry and germ free air by adding air filter unit and silica-gel
•Close the main unit door, and turn on the switches for the sterilizing lamp and fan.
•When the sterilizing lamp is on, always mount the accessory shielding plate.
•When using the pass box on the right of the main unit, open the outside door while the inside door is closed, and open the inside door after closing the outside door.
•If the filter or silica gel is dirty, clogged or discolored, replace them.