SUS Glove Box

SUS Vacuum Glove Box SJV

•SUS  glove box is more expensive compared with acryl glove box but the sealing are better and can do decompression, gas replacement in high level

•This item can do vacuum gas replacement in both main box and pass box

•Operating valve for gas replacement is located intensively in panel

•When doing task in box, foot switch can help to change the subtle inside pressure

SUS Glove Box Flow type

•Flow type glove box’s main box can do gas replacement and pass box can do vacuum gas replacement. It is more reasonable than vacuum type glove box. It is more light but need some time to set up

•This item’s main box can let gas flow

•Fluorescent light, inside sample shelf, inside consent (2 port) and spared ports are equipped



•Equipped with light (fluorescent light), current introduction terminal and spare port


•Foot switch can be used to do subtle inside pressure change while operation