SYRINGE PUMP (Digital Control Type)

●The syringe data of major manufacturers are input in advance, you can select easily.
Multiple condition setting can be possible such as injection volume, injection time, injection volume per hour and so forth.
Injection cumulative volume and setting criteria are displayed.


●Flow Rate Setting Range:0.1~300ml/h(Max. Stroke 90mm)
●Speed Range:0.0015~12mm/min
●Injection Pause Function(Setting value changeable)
●Safeguard:Push Block Stop Mechanism・Power Failure Display
●Power Supply:AC100V 50/60Hz(AC Adapter provided)
●Power Cord Length:1.5m
●Body Dimensions:SPS-1/234×164×130mm、SPS-2/234×184×130mm
●Weight:SPS-1/Approx. 2kg、SPS-2/Approx. 3kg