Vacuum Oven dryting chamber

-Reduces drying time by infar-red heaters installed in the vacuum chamber.

-Heaters power consumption is 1 / 2 or less conventional.

-Vacuum chamber in heating provides body compact and light-weight.


-Heating capacity: 500 W

-Vacuum chamber in the temperature range: room temperature to 150 ° c

-Maximum temperature of dry goods: 275 ° c ● vacuum level of attainment: 133 Pa ( 1 Torr )

-True availability material: stainless steel (SUS304)

-Observation window dimensions: 280 x 270 mm

Vacuum バルブホースニップル diameter: 8 mm ● power :AC100V50/60 Hz

-Power supply cable length: 1.5 meters (3 P plug)

-Weight: approx. 31 kg

-Accessories: wire mesh shelves x 2