WADose HPLC Pump

WADose HPLC-Pump

WADose HPLC Pump

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WADose is our innovative and intelligent dosing pump. It pumps a fluid almost regardless of the process counter-pressure with incredible dynamics of 1:2000.

With the flow sensor (mini CORI-FLOW®) connected, monitored and controlled dosing is even possible. In addition to these operating modes, WADose can also pump on a pressure-controlled basis. The changeable pump head (2, 10 and 40 ml/min) enables precise dosing of minimal volumes – perfect for development, pilot plants and production.

FLUSYS WADose Dosing Pump

>> Easiest operation via touch terminal or RS232 (protocol acc. to NAMUR)
>> External analogue control via standard signals (0-10 V or 4-20 mA) as well as digital inputs
>> Analogue and digital outputs (e.g. pressure and alarms)
>> Dosing range 0.001 – 40 ml/min at pressures up to 400 bar
>> Operating modes: mass, pressure, volume
>> Pressure measurement, pressure control and safety shutdown integrated
>> Robust stainless steel housing (compact version or two-part table housing)
>> Pump head made from stainless steel or PEEK (titanium, hastelloy among others upon request)
>> Option to set dedicated calibration curves
>> Low-pulsation dosing
>> Precise control with flow controller (optional)