Welcome to TONITECH

Tonitech Equipment and chemical co.,Ltd. (Thailand). We are a distributor of laboratory equipment, instruments used in operating a high quality such as Glass-Lined Reactors from pfaudler (US) , Glove box from Vigor (USA), General lab used from As-One (Japan), Hotplate and Stirrer from IKA (Germany),Chiller and Heating Bath Oil Bath and Sous Vide cooking from Polyscience (USA), Ovens from Memmert (Germany), Autometic high pressure reactor, Heat Calorimeter from Hitech Zang (German), Ozone generator Lab from Eco-design (Japan)ecosensors (Ozone Monitor) ใบพัด (Paddle) PTFE from Bora (USA), Mass flow meter and controller, Coriolis mass flow meter/ controller, liquid flow meter/ controller, Mass flow for fuel, gasoline from Bronkhorst (Netherland),HPLC PUMP,(WADose HPLC Pump) Melt flow indexer from Hanatek (UK),  High pressure reactor from Juchheim (Germany), Desiccator from Sanplatec (Japan)DI generator from Aurora (Canada), Lab Refrigerator from Kirsch (Germany), Rack drying from Scienceware (USA), Magnetic stirrer and shaker from IKA (Germany)HPLC PUMP,(WADose HPLC Pump),Melt flow indexer from Hanatek (UK),  High pressure reactor from Juchheim (Germany), Desiccator from Sanplatec (Japan), DI generator from Aurora (Canada), Lab Refrigerator and Sous Vide cooking from Kirsch (Germany), Laboratory Freezers from Labocon , Rack drying from Scienceware (USA), Magnetic stirrer and shaker from IKA (German), Rota flow meter controller, rota flow  KOFLOC (Japan), Buchi Spray Dry for lab, Spray dry, Spray cooling, Spray dry for juice from Japan Spray dry herb, Spray dry for milk, High-temperature furnace from Nabertherm furnace (Germany)

Moreover, more than 30 years of experience in borosilicate glass laboratory, Quartz and Quartz wool design and manufactory. We are working with good corporate governance  with business policy and corporate social responsibility.