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We are a distributor of laboratory equipment, instruments used in operating a high quality

 NORMAG - The Lab & Process Glass Reactor 

Lab Fast Pro Reactor 0,25 - 5 L

Filter Reaction System Lab Fast pro 0,1-5 L
Reaction System LAB Max 5-15 L
Reaction System Pilot 10-100 L
Mass flow meter / Mass flow controller
Pressure controller

Leader in low flow fluidics handling technology
We offer an extensive product range of thermal, Coriolis and ultrasonic flow meters and controllers for low flow rates of gases and liquids. Our flow meters and controllers are used for a variety of applications in laboratory, machinery,

Solvent Purification Systems

Vigor's scientists and engineers have extensive R&D experience in the field of gas purification and are uniquely capable of working with you to create custom solutions to any research problem.

Laboratory Glass Reactors

Chemical Process Batch Reactors Jacketed and Unjacketed Glass Vessel Process Reactors and Filter Reactors from 100mL to 100L
•Single and parallel chemical process batch reactors
•Jacketed and unjacketed reactors
•Large scale, round bottom flask reactors
•Process filter reactors

Glass-lined reactors Pfaudler

Glass-lined reactors are used worldwide, in very severe environments in chemical industries as well as for the glass layer sanitary properties in pharmaceutical industries.

Supercritical CO2 Extractor

SFE Super Critical CO2 Extraction
Thin Film and Short Path Distillation Laboratory Plants 

General Laboratory Equipment

•Lab Instrument & Supplies
•Factory Work Tools & Supplies
•Food Sanitation & Inspection
•Clean Room/ Ani Static Supplies
•Medical , Nursing & Care Products
•Emergency Supplies
From U.S / Japan / Thailand

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Protherm Furnaces provide a wide range of standard chamber furnaces. Protherm Furnaces deliver a higher customer satisfaction by keeping a variety of furnaces in stock for shorter delivery times.


Neware BTS4000 5V series battery tester ranges from 1mA up to 3000A, you can use it to test coin cells, pouch cells, cylinder(18650, 26650, 27710, etc) and even paralleled battery modules and packs. For all the BTS4000 testers lower or equal to 30W(5V6A or 10V3A), the accuracy is 0.05%FS. And for all the BTS4000 testers higher than 30W, the accuracy is 0.1%FS.

The Caleva Multi Lab (CML)
The CML possesses all of the same abilities as the MGB listed above, but has the added benefits of being able to extrude and spheronize your product.
Works with batch sizes from 10 to 50 g
Multiple different extrusion screw and die combinations are available to increase your chances of formulation development success.
Turn powder into pellets in under 15 minutes.

UIC laboratory plants are preferably used in research and development laboratories where they are applied in a wide range of distillation tasks. They are of a modular structure and allow flexible adjustment to a variety of tasks. Our smallest lab plants, with flows of only approx. 100 grams per hour, are especially suitable for research in which only small volumes of a mixture are available. In contrast, our larger lab plants can also be used for a small scale production of up to 10 kilograms per hour.

YC-015 Lab Spray Dryer
Shanghai Pilotech Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. began to produce YC-015 lab spray dryers in 2005. So far, more than 3,000 YC-015 lab spray dryers have been used in laboratories around the world. The equipment is durable. The YC-015 lab spray dryer produced in 2005,2006 can still operate very well. You can search for many papers about YC-015 lab spray dryer on Google Scholar.

KIRSCH laboratory refrigerators are robust, reliable and create optimal conditions for storing your sensitive goods. All laboratory freezers offer automatic rapid defrosting and condensation evaporation. For your highly flammable chilled goods we offer laboratory refrigerators and freezers with explosion-proof interior. We differ between refrigerators and freezers with different safety levels: LABEX® standard safety and LABEX® intrinsic safety.

 Project Reference




Coating / drying tablets and pellets

Coat from a single tablet up to 150 tablets in a single batch




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