Spray dryer


YC-500 Benchtop Spray Dryer

YC-500 has a bench design. The equipment can be installed on the laboratory furniture or can be put on ground, as needed. The power of YC-500 is only 1.5KW, it is only 80mm high, and the minimum material amount is 20ML, so it is very convenient for material preparation. YC-500 has a good expandability. You can add vacuum module and nitrogen circulation system module based on your needs in later stage, thus to adapt the spray drying of organic solvent and heat-sensitive materials.

YC-015 Lab Spray Dryer

Shanghai Pilotech Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. began to produce YC-015 lab spray dryers in 2005. So far, more than 3,000 YC-015 lab spray dryers have been used in laboratories around the world. The equipment is durable. The YC-015 lab spray dryer produced in 2005,2006 can still operate very well. You can search for many papers about YC-015 lab spray dryer on Google Scholar.


YC-015A Solvent Spray Dryer

YC-015A has nitrogen circulation system inside, its treatment capacity is 1500ML/H, and 30ML is enough for one experimental. It is a lab scale organic solvent spray dryer, and can be used for the drying of water solution and organic solvent. YC-015A has PLC control, touch-screen operation, English screen interaction. Clips are used to connect the cyclone separator in the drying chamber, so it is easy to assemble.

YC-510 vacuum low temperature lab spray dryer

Pilotech YC-510 vacuum low temperature lab spray dryer is a product of many years of technological innovation in the field of experimental spray dryers by Shanghai Pilotech  Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. It is suitable for spray drying of heat-sensitive materials and spray drying of organic solvent materials.(inert loop system is optional). The lab spray dryer is small in size, low in noise, easy to install, durable and stable, and low in cost.


YC-018A inert loop lab spray dryer

Shanghai Pilotech began to develop organic solvent spray dryers in 2005. YC-018A inert loop lab spray dryer finally ended the need to import small organic solvent spray dryers in domestic laboratories. YC-018A inert loop lab spray dryer (YC-018A organic solvent spray dryer), 3000ML/H, the equipment comes with oxygen monitoring, solvent online recovery system, small size, easy to operate, 50ML can also complete an experiment, it has been used by a large number of pharmaceutical factories and universities at home and abroad , The reputation of the equipment is very good.

YC-2000 Vacuum Spray Dryer

The lowest inlet air temperature of YC-2000 Vacuum Spray Dryer is 50°C. It can be used for drying materials that cannot be dried by traditional spray dryer, such as probiotic enzyme. Materials after drying can remain biological activity. It can also be used to dry heat-sensitive materials such as polymer materials.

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