Industrial Style Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for Gases - Pipe sizes up to 10" / DN 250. Flow ranges from 0,4 m3n/h up to 11000 m3n/h


IN-FLOW 'High-FLOW' Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for Gases

Pipe sizes up to 10 inch / DN 250

IN-FLOW Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters for high flow rates of clean gases are equipped with a 'industrial style' pc-board housing offering IP65 protection. Control valves can either be integrally or separately mounted, to measure and control gas flows.

  • Lowest range 0,4...20 m3n/h 
  • Highest range 220...11000 m3n/h

General features

  • High accuracy (standard 1% of FS) 
  • Rugged, weatherproof housing (IP65, dust and waterproof)
  • Option: ATEX approval for Zone 2
  • Option: FM approval Class I, Div. 2 (Groups A, B, C, D; T4)
  • Option: KCs certificate (Protection Ex nA IIC T4)
  • No moving parts
  • Analog or digital communication (RS232 or fieldbus interface)


IN-FLOW Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for high flow rates are applied for:

  • Process gas measurement and control in food industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, in fermentation installations and in biotechnology
  • Gas consumption measurement for internal accounting
  • Hydrogen techniques


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