Pharmaceutical* Refrigerators and Freezers (*according to DIN 58345)

KIRSCH pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers have a particularly wide range of storage temperature options. The medicine refrigerators comply with DIN 58345 and the medicine freezers provide constant cooling down to -25 °C.

Refrigerators for pharmaceuticals and vaccines according to DIN 58345

Are you looking for safe storage for medicines and vaccines? 
KIRSCH is the market leader for pharmaceutical refrigerators in Germany. Each refrigerator is particularly made to meet the demanding DIN 58345 regulation. Our products are market leading in temperature stability and quality.

Pharmaceutical Freezers

Thanks to their robust design and technical equipment, pharmaceutical freezers from KIRSCH are top-quality products that need an absolute minimum of routine maintenance and are produced by high-volume methods.

Model Specific Features

They stand out particularly thanks to their thick housing insulation made of high-quality, pressure-foamed, environmentally compatible material and guarantee low energy consumption.

Depending on the individual model, the operating temperature is maintained automatically either by an interior thermostat or an electronic micro-processor controlled temperature regulator with digital display, even in the event of changing ambient temperatures.


1. Temperature
There are large temperature ranges available for storing goods: from -5 to -25°C or from -15 to -22°C.

2. Isolation
The housing is insulated with particulary good, environmentally-compatible pressure foam material to guarantee low energy consumption levels. 

3. Interior Container 
The interior is made of impact-resistant plastic with moulded supports.


4. Interior Equipment
Equipped with drawers/shelves

5. Door
Heated door frame. The lockable door has a plastic magnetic sealing frame that is easy to replace. Door hinge on the right as standard, however this can be changed to the left.
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